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I get a lot of people asking me what I mean when I put #nofakenews on some of my advertising. As most people know, our friends south of the border came up with that hashtag. Because their fearless leader spouts off non-truths every day. Our team will not make up a story just to get attention. Honesty and integrity run deep in my military background and with Kevin as well. Our business cards and advertising are true likeness of us. We do not use photoshop to make ourselves look better. Our photographer that we use does not make our listings look fake. We do not go onto social media and tell people that inventory is low in the valley If there are 800 homes for sale; inventory is not low. And my favourite is saying that you are fresh out of listings because you sold all of your listings. If you only had fa handful of listings, that is not an accurate statement in my books. These are tactics to make people think you are doing better than you are. One of the reasons I like working for EXIT Realty is that we don't have made up awards. You get an award for the number of sales for the year, the number of listings, and the amount of commission earned. We don't belong to any circles or clubs. Again, those are tactics to make it look like you are performing better than you are.

As our slogan says: Real Estate to a higher standard.

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