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Military Moves

As I have mentioned in my BIO, I served for 23 years in the military. I enrolled in the militia in 1985 with the West Nova Scotia Regiment at Camp Aldershot. During my career I was posted to Ottawa, Halifax, Ottawa, Lahr Germany, Ottawa, Calgary, Edmonton, Greenwood, Cold Lake, Petawawa, Borden, and finally Greenwood. While in Lahr I worked in the R&D section and we were responsible for all of the moves for Military and Civilian coming back as we closed the base down. We booked movers. Flights. Car shipment. Payment of legal fees, CMHC, Realtors, Lawyers, etc.

I know military moves; from Administering moves to moving 12 times; first as a single person and then each time with a larger number of chiildren than the previous. (6 in total) and I moved with horses, eventually retiring with a hobby farm.

When you find out you are moving, the first thing you should do is ask your friends for REALTOR recommendations. I would avoid asking on Facebook. It is actually quite comical to follow some of those posts. It has nothing to do with who is best for you. It is a popularity contest. On one post, the person asked who to use as a REALTOR in Greenwood. There were two recommendations for a REALTOR that had only been licensed for two weeks.  

Once you get a couple names you should interview them. You can come up with a list of questions to see if they are the right fit for your family. You can even do this by email. Ask them about their experience. Ask them where they live. Ask them what their specialty is. If you have kids, ask them about schools, recreation, clubs. If you have animals, ask about what areas are friendly to the type of animals you have. 

Remember you only have 5 days to find a home, negotiate a deal, get a home inspection, water test, find a lawyer, etc. If you have someone not familiar with the process it could easily eat up a couple of days.

Happy moving!

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