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Buyer Representation

In Nova Scotia it is now mandatory for buyers to sign a Buyer Brokerage Agreement.

This is to afford the buyer with the same rights and protections as the seller. All Real Estate boards across Canada are trying to get away from the "Double End". That is the situation where the REALTOR is working with the Buyer and the Seller on the same deal.

At first I thought this was crap, and that the Real Estate Commission was trying to take away part of our livelyhood. But then I had a couple deals that just didn't feel right.  When you sit back and look at it; how can you get the seller the best deal and the buyer the best deal at the same time? You can't. Where does your loyalty sit? Of course you listed the home and the buyer "should" know that your picture is on the lawn, so naturally you are working for the seller? 

Some REALTORS survive by double-ending properties. I really never clued in to it when I was on my House Hunting Trips in the military. But thinking back, some of my REALTORs only showed me homes they had listed. Some of them showed them to me even though they were above my set price range. When I moved to Edmonton back in the late 90's I actually fired my REALTOR because I told them what my price limit was and the first 10 homes were priced much higher than my maximum. So on to the next REALTOR to see if they listened......and they did!

Because of my experiences moving across Canada several times, we have decided that we will no longer "double-end" on a sale. We have a plan in place with a non-affiliated REALTOR to provide buyer representation when required.

If your REALTOR is only showing you their listings.........time to move on

If you decide to buy a home that is listed with your REALTOR.......get representation from another REALTOR. One that will protect you.

You deserve your own representation.

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