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April Fools Day!

I was driving around last week. The weather is improving. The sun is shining. The snow is melting. There is an increase in homes being listed. There are alot of new REALTORS(r)  this year. And most are starting to put their image on their signs. When I decided to put my face on my sign back in 2014 I was one of very few. I waned to do something different than the norm. I chose the black sign because nobody else was doing it. Anyway....back to my story. I could not believe how different some people look in their signs. I would say some are even unrecognizable. I moved more than a dozen times when I was in the military. And I know personally I would have been disappointed if I showed up on my house hunting trip and my REALTOR didn't look anything like what they are advertising. Don't get me wrong. I colour out he grey. I shave for my picture. But I can tell you when you meet me, I look the same as my picture. Looking for your thoughts. Email me at with your comments.
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